About MRAI

Material Recycling Association of India

In Indian Recycling firmament, the Association could boast of a variegated history of growth within a short span of less than a decade.

Started off as Metal Recycling Association of India, in 2011, the industry body of metal industry stakeholders metamorphosized into a full-blown trade body at the instance of Government, which directed it to embrace and extend the benefits of its benevolent actions all recycling and recyclable commodity stakeholders, not limiting them to the metal sector alone.

Govt. Engagements

Our Services


Represent the interests and the issues faced by its Members to the Government Authorities.


Promote free trade of secondary raw materials.


Spreading the awareness of more use of the recycled materials.


Provide its members with the best networking opportunities.

Policy Updates

Keeping its members updated about the notifications relating to the recycling industry

Market Updates

MRAI’s website provides access to latest Market Reports and Publications on Material Recycling.

The Industry


Ferrous Metals

Ferrous Metal are mainly composed of iron and have magnetic properties. Steel, an iron alloy containing carbon...

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Non-Ferrous Metals

India imported 0.95 million tonnes of Non-Ferrous Metal Scrap in 2013-14 and 1.1 million tonnes...

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India’s rapid urbanization and a surge in literacy rates created a huge demand for paper-based products...

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Indian economy has been one of the few growing admirably over the past few years despite of challenging times...

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Rubber & Tyre

The process of tyre recycling is the process of recycling of waste tyre that is no longer suitable for use on vehicles...

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Technological advancement and increased usage of Telecom, IT, Electronic digital equipments and Consumer...

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Building & Construction Waste

In the present era of the circular economy...

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MRAI Events

MRAI's Upcoming Events

MRAI's Conference

7th MRAI International Indian Material Recycling Conference

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MRAI's Past Events

MRAI's Conference

Workshop For Practitioners On Wastewater Treatment & Recycling

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Partner Events

MMTS 2019

Three Concurrent Events International Conference & Exhibition

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New Members Joined


Mr. Allen Fernandes
Alex Stewart International (India) Pvt. Ltd.

  Mumbai, Maharashtra

 Industry: Ferrous, Non Ferrous


Mr. Anish Mehta
Aadi Imports Pvt. Ltd.

  Ahmedabad, Gujarat

 Industry: Ferrous, Non Ferrous


Mr. Manek Dhupya
Abhinandan Metal Industry

  Ahmedabad, Gujarat



Mr. Nasser Aboura
Aboura Metals FZCO

  Dubai, U.A.E.

 Industry: Ferrous, Non Ferrous


Mr. Anil Sharma
ACE Metalscrap Recycling LLC

  Mumbai, Maharashtra

 Industry: Ferrous, Non Ferrous, Stainless Steel